Teenagers ......... they really are different and it's not their fault!

Are you experiencing difficulties in communicating with a young person in your life, or would you just like to know more about the teenage brain and be prepared for what may come?

At Mental Healthy Courses we believe that pro-action is far more effective than reaction. Whether you are a parent or professional this popular workshop will be beneficial for all.

By the end of the day you be able to understand more about how and why teenagers and young adults sometimes behave as they do and you will be ready and prepared for it!

This short taught course is made up of 4 modules and each module will have a selection of text, illustrations and quizzes to help you learn:

Module 1 – Regions of the brain and what they do
Module 2 – Why the teenager’s brain is different
Module 3 - The moods explained
Module 4 – How to communicate effectively
Course fee:  £35 per person
Refreshments will be supplied throughout the day.   Please bring your lunch.

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