At Mental Healthy Courses we believe that to be proactive is far more effective than reactive. To understand why some humans behave in ways others find difficult to comprehend can only serve to positively promote tolerance and inclusion.  With this in mind we are delighted to be able to deliver a comprehensive selection of courses designed to educate, inform and inspire your workforce. For information and a quotation to provide in-house training to suit your business needs please email Karen at or call 0871846028

*  Understanding Stress and Well-being
*  Understanding Depression
*  Understanding Anxiety
*  Mental Health and Social Media
*  Leadership Skills
*  The Importance of Sleep
*  The Psychology of Traffic
*  Group Work and Team Building
*  Conflict Resolution
*  Workplace Bullying
*  An Introduction to Psychology
*  Talking about Mental Health
*  The Psychology of Motivation
*  Understanding an Organisation
*  Ethical Issues in Professional Practice
*  The Teenage Brain

This is what our clients say .............

“I first met Karen in early 2019 while seeking a mental health professional to support the development of e-learning material for seafarers. We needed to design a range of digital learning that would enable seafarers to recognise the signs and symptoms of various mental health conditions, as well as offer them some coping mechanisms for dealing with stress in their working environment. I was immediately struck by how knowledgeable Karen was on a broad range of mental health matters, as well as her professionalism. Working with Karen was a pleasure, from our very first call, and throughout the development of four courses (Stress Management, Depression, Anxiety and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). I cannot recommend her services highly enough. “   

Lorraine Quinn - Marlins Maritime 

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